Saturday, October 27, 2012

On a side note...

Hello lovely friends!!
I wanted to take a (small) diversion from my usual papercraft-centered posts to talk a little about something else that I have recently become obsessed with… jewelry. Are you familiar with Paparazzi jewelry? If not, then you should be. Not only is the jewelry fun, trendy and stylish, but EVERY PIECE is $5 each. Yes, you read that right… $5! You can’t beat that! I have bought several items and love them all- especially the fun headbands and hair flowers. I seriously have not found better ones anywhere else- and I’ve looked!! One of the ladies from ScrapbookPal - One of the fabulous companies that I design for- has recently begun selling Paparazzi jewelry… you should definitely check it out- here is her link! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Here are some photos of some of the fun things she has available:


Can you believe these are only $5 each? Awesome!! Go take a look at her Paparazzi Jewelry store: Deb's Jewelry Shop.

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